T20 World Cup could be moved to early 2021, says Brendon McCullum | Cricket News

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"For Australia to move 16 international teams plus all of their support staff and then broadcasters, seems a bridge too far. I can't see them playing the T20 World Cup behind closed doors either.

McCullum says the IPL could still be successful behind closed doors

Last Updated: 22/04/20 2:10pm

The IPL, initially due to start in late March, has been 'suspended indefinitely' but McCullum feels that competition could take the hit of having no fans in stadiums better than the T20 World Cup.

The T20 World Cup is due to take place in Australia in October and November but that could be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with ICC officials meeting via video conference on Thursday to discuss the upcoming international calendar.

Former New Zealand seamer Simon Doull, who joined McCullum and Ian Smith on the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast, does not believe the ICC will want a T20 World Cup behind closed doors.

"That may mean the Women's World Cup [set for New Zealand in early 2021] gets pushed back but hopefully we get to see all three tournaments operate."

"A lot of the ICC's revenue for down the track comes from the World Cups so they want as many people in the stands as possible," he said.

Ian Smith, Simon Doull and McCullum discuss New Zealand's defeat in Australia and whether the T20 World Cup will be moved on the Sky Cricket Podcast

"They would hate to see a T20 World Cup under lockdown where no one could go and watch and the atmosphere would probably be a little bit less.

"Is it important enough to have private jets out of each county with cricket teams on them, two weeks in quarantine in Australia and then the tournament taking place, whether there are fans in the stands or not? Is it that important?

Brendon McCullum feels the T20 World Cup could be pushed back into early 2021

"How important is the T20 World Cup? That the first question from an ICC point of view.

"The ICC and world cricket need crowds to operate but India can probably sustain things commercially behind closed doors because they are going to get so many eyeballs.

"There may be a window a bit later in the new year of 2021 which could then open up a window for the IPL [in October and November].

"As a punter, if I were to put my final dollar on what the schedule would look like, it would be that the T20 World Cup has got to be at risk," said the ex-Black Caps captain on a Sky Cricket Podcast, which you can listen to on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

"You'd have to move some overseas players for the IPL but with the broadcasters based in India, it is a lot easier to pull it all together.

"I think the IPL will try and target that October window and the T20 World Cup will get pushed back.


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